Other than Daufuskie Reservations

This work tends to be project specific and needs to be coordinated on an overall basis. While the timing needs can be flexible the planning of the effort is, by nature different from a “routine” reservation that is typically made for transportation needs to/from Daufuskie.

Daufuskie Reservations

Reservations are typically initiated by forwarding a fax of a bill of lading to our office in Savannah. We recommend, where possible, to make such reservations two weeks in advance.  The reservation is for round trip passage on the day the reservation is confirmed.  That space is then “locked in” for your shipment.  It will not be taken away from you if another customer has an emergency.  To the extent that there is available space your reservation can be booked all the way up to the day before sailing.  (The point here is that if you wait too long to make your reservation the barge may be fully booked.)

The barge and tug currently sail at approximately 6am so the arrival at Daufuskie is in the early AM for the convenience of your contractors.  The equipment will stay at the terminal on Daufuskie for up to three hours.  However, if all “return trippers” are back on the barge it returns to Savannah at that time.  The additional  points on this page cover  information relating to the details in the reservation protocol.

Delivery of your “cargo” should be made by noon the day before sailing.  (Barge is loaded in the afternoon)  The cargo will be loaded on barge for you and will be offloaded on Daufuskie.  There are a few exceptions like a gasoline tractor trailer or a LPG tractor trailer.


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Reservation should be made by the person responsible for payment after which an agent can conclude the arrangements.

Personnel do not accept COD’s or “hold” personal checks for deliveries made by contractors, shippers, etc.

Bills of Lading  must be completed for all shipments and must be signed by the party responsible for payment or his/her agent prior to the cargo being loaded on the barge.

A bill of lading can be faxed to you if you request one via email or call our office at 912-232-1836. Please call our office to make your reservations before you send the fax as just sending a fax can lead to a problem.  (i.e. No room left on the barge)

Vehicles need to comply with DOT regulations.  (Example would be a gasoline tractor trailer)

Vendors should protect your shipment from the weather if necessary.  The operation cannot be responsible for damage caused by weather.  All windows, doors, etc should be packaged for handling by our fork lifts.
We have some specialized equipment that has been most helpful to our customers. 

While it rarely surfaces there is a cancellation fee of $75.00 if a Bill of Lading shipment is cancelled less than forty eight hours before departure.  (Potential issue is we may have turned other customers down to lock in your space.

Operating policy for Daufuskie provides that unless it is cleared in advance, (in writing) we will not leave your shipment at the Daufuskie barge site staging area as it is not a secure area.

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